What is The Scholarly Banana???

Are you human? Do you love the humanities? If you answered "yes" to at least one of these questions, I have exciting news to share with you:

The Scholarly Banana presents "Humanities for Humans:" Together, we'll celebrate the best and most interesting works of literature, art, philosophy, and language studies. Note that I said "MOST INTERESTING." No way am I going to waste my time on boring crap. And I don't expect you to, either.

I specialize in bringing the stereotypically high-brow subjects back down to earth so that together, we can enjoy them like "normal people" would (note: as you'll soon see, I'm using the term "normal" quite loosely).

But forget stuffy lecture halls, sophisticated gallery events and pretentious jerkery (yeah, I made that word up #linguisticsrule). I'd rather enjoy culture in an enjoyable way, and I'm sure you would too. And as a humor writer/sculptor/designer/generally odd person, I prefer to celebrate things I LOVE through snappy stories, gentle mockery, questionable parodies, thoughtful side quests, handmade toys, comedic scenes, a boatload of rich illustrations...and a buck-toothed Banana.

COMING 2019:

The first installment of the SB will be a run-down of a classic (but not very well-known) fairytale from the Brothers Grimm called "Fitcher's Bird." We'll be discussing the "finer" points of the work, including its cultural importance, its Freudian symbols, a brief history of serial killers, and why you should never, EVER open a "forbidden door."