Karly West is a sculptural illustrator and humor writer from Cleveland, Ohio. She is best known for her handmade character figurines, and loves to photograph them to tell funny stories and to create visually rich and memorable images. 

Karly is the creator of The Scholarly Banana: a quirky and modern "edutainment" brand which celebrates her favorite bits of literature, language, art, philosophy and history (aka: the humanities). The Scholarly Banana has been described as a hilarious, artistic mash-up between a nostalgic claymation special, a helpful "Cliffs Notes" pamphlet and an episode of "Mystery Science Theater 3000."

She is also the illustrator and co-founder of "Beware the Bezoar," a collection of off-the-wall children's poetry (partnered with author Emily Savage).

Karly has produced sculptural and illustrative work for American Greetings, Cleveland Magazine and hundreds of private collectors from around the world. She is open to new projects and loves to collaborate with innovative, bold, and creative businesses. You can reach her at west.karly@gmail.com