The Scholarly Banana brings you fast-paced summaries, shocking analyses, and surprising fun facts about the craziest folk tales, fairy tales, and myths your parents never told you. Also the star is a banana. He's a Scholarly Banana, though. You can tell by his glasses.


is created almost entirely with handmade toys. I sculpt the characters and props, arrange them on a set, and photograph them to create each scene. There's some Photoshop magic involved at the end, but I build the images themselves with with real, physical stuff. Think old-school claymation meets illustration.

Karly West

Hi! I'm Karly. And if you think this series is nuts, I'm the one to blame. I'm a language educator turned artist turned author who specializes in high-brow, sophisticated subjects like fairy tales and Bananas. Basically, I'm a nerd who loves to make things for other nerds. I live in the rural outskirts of Cleveland with my husband Ben, a lot of books and an ever-growing civilization of clay figurines.