Book #1: Fitcher's Bird

Book #1: Fitcher's Bird

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A collector’s gem in the making! Here’s your chance to snag the very first edition of the very first book, straight from The Scholarly Banana himself!

This is an AUTOGRAPHED copy! I may even write you a haiku if I’m feeling inspired.

Also, your special autographed book will come adorned with an ORIGINAL ILLUSTRATION of The Scholarly Banana! NOTE: 70% of my Banana drawings look like demented carrots. The remaining 30% resemble confused and/or drunken slugs.

This is a very special edition, indeed.

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FITCHER’S BIRD is an absurdly gruesome fairy tale from the Brothers Grimm. If you’ve never heard of this story before, you’re not alone. Just imagine Beauty and the Beast. The difference is that in Fitcher’s Bird, “the beast” is not a handsome prince. He’s a mangy, rabid beast. Who kills people. And keeps corpses in the house.

In this debut issue, we’ll celebrate and lovingly mock the feather-encrusted train wreck that is Fitcher’s Bird. We’ll also discuss scholarly matters about this classic Grimm tale like historical inspirations, comparative literature, and phallic symbols!

TITLE: The Scholarly Banana Presents Fitcher’s Bird: A Classic Fairy Tale from the Brothers Grimm  (The Scholarly Banana Series: Book #1)

PAGES: 116 (full color)

FORMAT: Paperback (5.5 x .3 x 8.3 inches)

ISBN: 978-1-7-338509-1-9


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