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Let’s Get scholarly!

The Scholarly Banana is an irreverently nerdy graphic novel series for teens and adults that summarizes, analyzes, and lovingly ridicules the most outrageous folk tales that have shaped our world. It celebrates the real stories—and the real facts associated with them—in an uncensored and joyfully wacky way. Think folk tales meets Cliffs Notes meets The Muppets. Sprinkled with a sarcastic pinch of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Handmade entirely with clay, moss, and sticks. Oh, and the star is a Banana. He’s a Scholarly Banana, though. You can tell by his glasses.


it’s Fitcher’s Bird: A classic fairy tale from the brothers grimm

Fitcher’s Bird is a gruesome and wildly bizarre fairy tale from the Brothers Grimm. If you’ve never heard of this story before, just imagine Beauty and the Beast. The thing is, in Fitcher’s Bird, “the beast” is not a handsome prince. He’s just a mangy, rabid beast. Who kills people. And keeps corpses in the house.

In this issue, we will summarize, celebrate, and gently mock the feather-encrusted train wreck that is Fitcher’s Bird. We’ll also discuss high-brow, scholarly matters relating to the tale such as historical inspirations, comparative literature, and phallic symbols.

Fitcher’s Bird is one of the grimmest of the Grimm tales, so if you’re into evil wizards, brutal murders, bloody basins, and giant bird-people (hey, you never know), you’ll probably love it. Alas, I don’t think "The Cartoon Mouse” will be appropriating this story any time soon. So for now, a Scholarly Banana will have to do!


“If you’re into giant bird-people, you’ll probably Love it!”


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